Guy is the best. Truly. He makes every phase of recording enjoyable and productive. This was my most ambitious project to date, and I believe it would not have come out so well without Guy’s involvement. His ability to creatively and effectively solve problems, his encouraging demeanor that puts everyone at ease, and his incredible wealth of audio recording and mixing knowledge make him the only engineer you should be working with on your next project. I can’t say enough about the whole process with Guy, He’s the very best!” - Andy Mensing (The Smokeboss)
Guy Gualtieri is one of the most versatile producers and musicians in the music industry. We worked on a number of tracks together including the global smash "Moment"! Guy allows the artist's vision to shine while simultaneously infusing his creative approach to songwriting, arranging and production. He's also an accomplished musician and songwriter which makes working with him totally invaluable.” - Kenneith Perrin
Guy delivered very good mixes and was very attentive and communicative throughout the entire process. I'm glad we had the chance to work together again!” - Andres Mayo
Thanks Guy for the very professional ( I never heard us sound so good live) work running sound at the gig and then mixing it all down. Great balance. Great work under a tight and demanding schedule. Looking forward to doing it again.” - Rich Lamb (The Rotorheads)
Guy is a great songwriter/producer! He gives clear instruction but is open to creative input. A true pro who’s very easy to work with and he’s not afraid of the Funk” - Eric McCann
Guy was really professional and also very clear with what he wanted, it really made it really easy to work with. The project song sounded great and the communication was perfect. I would definitely work with him again and recommend him!” - Justo Spillmann
It's been a great experience working with Guy. He's very professional and fun to work with. I highly recommend him.” - Varti Deuchoghlian
Gual is an awesome producer and super fast with all communication and decision making.” - Tom Frampton