Every single person out there who loves to dance absolutely needs to hear artist/producer Gual’s new single “Hmmm (Think About It).” Gual is a Florida-based performer with a wide-ranging and highly contagious style that pulls from funk, EDM, disco, and hip hop. Brand new for 2020, “Hmmm (Think About It)” will grab you by the soul and pull you onto the dancefloor so quickly that no other possible action can even be considered. The bassline and drums groove hard and are undeniably funky. Gual’s rapped lyrics preach equality in rhythm and remind listeners that no one person or culture can lay sole claim to the power and enjoyment of music. This is a feel-good song like no other and Gual makes it clear from the jump that it’s for everybody. 

Gual is a DJ, artist, and producer who has been in the game since he was a teenager in the 1980s. He combines vintage sounds, modern techniques, and a sense of humor to great effect in his tracks and is well-known as a wildly-entertaining performer. “Hmmm (Think About It)” is a prime example of how he does it as well as a reflection of his personality. It’s the kind of track that goes around the world, making friends and fans at all stops. Anyone looking for a new favorite song to dance to will find it right here. (Read more here)