Gual to release brand new single: “Get Down.”

September 2019 - Gual is an artist and producer with a focus on creating diverse EDM tracks, inspired by various genres and ideas. 

Recently, he announced the release of an anticipated single, “Get Down.” The track stands out as a very significant addition to his discography, and as an example of how dance music can crossover into other styles seamlessly. They say that producers tend to get closer to “who they really are” with the sound of every new release, and this definitely seems to be the case for Gual as well. “Get Down” explores new creative avenues, as well as consolidating the artist’s sound and personality, with detailed textures and sonic layers. 

“Get Down” will grab the listeners’ attention with a stunning arrangement and a memorable performance, with a mix of energy and attitude. 

The track kicks in with a lush 80s-style synth arrangement, and it soon unfolds into a multi-layered feast of melodies and punchy beats. The bass line keeps the groove consistent, while the vocals soar, sultry and dynamic, on top of the instrumental. This song references disco masters of the past such as Giorgio Moroder, but its sound has a modern component to it, especially when it comes to the clarity and depth of the low end. This club-ready banger features colorful melodies and tightly knit rhythms, giving the audience an electrifying experience. 

In addition to the beautiful and inspiring performance, the production of this track is definitely the cherry on top. Gual wears his influences on his sleeves, and his sound explores genres as diverse as Nu-Disco and Funky-House, with a slight Soulful twist thrown into the mix for extra sizzle. On the other hand, this producer is doing much more than just following in the footsteps of the artists who have influenced his music. He is starting to carve his own creative path and build a powerful sonic legacy all of his own. 

Learn more about Gual’s music and do not miss out on “Get Down,” which is going to be available starting the 11th of October, 2019.