Daily Music Roll: Artist and Producer Gual’s New Song ‘Get Down’ is a Contemporary Scope of Radiant Dance Music

The characteristics and salient charisma of contemporary electronic dance music have found a new crevice of dynamic modulations through American DJ and producer Gual’s soundscape. His newly released single ‘Get Down’ is a cultural theme of extravaganza in sound sculptures that take the audience on a transcendental journey to the future. With synchronized belts of rhythmic patterns of electronic timbre, its central groove holds the song up in glorious sensuality. His creative legacy started back in the ’80s and over the years of drastic musical evolution, he too has customized his sound expressionism with accuracy to his instinct’s liking. 

Born Guy Gualtieri, Gual’s understanding of production layering synthesized sound modulations, and mixing all led to the natural formulation of ‘Get Down’. A track that justifies his insights and wisdom about the collective electro frenzy bridging the virtuous gap between old-school musical entities and influences and the extant stream of boisterous roundabouts, ‘Get Down’ typifies the magnetic thrall of EDM like no other. He amalgamates the conspicuity of funk house, nu-disco, and EDM to pave the way for an identity to his creative brainchildren. As he continues to spread his transgressive musical fortitude across crowds, parties, and scenes, Gual’s stupendous rise as one of the best mixologists out there although unofficially established, will not take time to reach fulfillment.  Visit Daily Music Roll