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Gual Drops The Exhilarating “Get Down” 

“Get Down” has more energy than Exxon! 

Gual is a veteran artist/producer that loves to capitalize on high levels of energy whenever he makes music. In “Get Down,” the Miami native’s latest single, he shines by gifting us with music that is vibrant, groovy, and disco-crazy! 

I truly believe it is impossible to not like “Get Down.” For starters, the track features an instrumental that electrifies the mind, body and soul through nifty bass lines and infectious percussion synths. Over the instrumental I just mentioned, you get a singing performance that is grandiose, lyrics that are playfully demanding, and vibes that are festive. To make a long story short, “Get Down” is a song that will definitely make you get up! 

(WARNING) Before playing “Get Down” on your stereo, make sure your heart can handle music that is full of action-packed vibes. 


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Soundlooks Review: Gual – “Get Down” – a retro-wave 80’s groove that is total wonderfulness! 

...This is an excellent electronic dance track album from Gual. Fat synths, smooth syrupy and soulful vocals, and thick funky basslines make this track a must have for anyone who appreciates any disco or dance music. The whole track has a hard-to-describe 80’s nostalgic-yet-futuristic feel. 

No, seriously, a lot of people rate things 5-stars but this is genuinely a 5-star single... Read more.

Music Trails Reviews Gual - "Get Down" 

Artist and EDM producer, Gual, brings the party with him everywhere he goes with his latest uplifting track, “Get Down.” 

“Get Down” doesn’t waste any time getting the beats out to the listener. As soon as it starts, you know what to expect from this EDM producer as his high-tempo beats and perfectly hitting drops appear on the track. The mesmerizing female vocals in the start and quick moving, sassy beat make this a must-listen. 

After getting a start at the age of 10 by experimenting with different instruments including the Korg Poly-800 synth, guitar, and old Panasonic dual cassette recorder, Gual has been spreading his love for music as an EDM DJ for the past few years. 

He’s been channeling all of his energy and passion for music into creating a sound that keeps audiences dancing with pure joy. His newest single “Get Down” is jam-packed with groovy bass lines and percussive synth to get everyone up and out of their seat. 

For those searching for a different yet familiar sound with this new release, “Get Down” has already been remixed and is available for you to listen! We know you can’t get enough of the lyrics “It’s a funky funky mood feel it come on now groove, Get Down/ If you don’t know what to do follow me I’ll see you through, Get Down!” 

For your next playlist, make sure to include hits from this American DJ and producer for your crowd!  Visit Music Trails

Nova Music Blog - Gual //"Get Down" 

Artist and producer Gual has been on his musical journey since he was 10 years old. At 12 he was already experimenting with music production, using his Korg Poly-800 synth, his guitar and an old Panasonic dual-tape recorder. Today, Gual still channels all this energy and creative passion into his music, creating a sound of his own, capable of bringing pure joy to the public. 

“Get Down” is his new single, an effervescent jam of nu-disco, characterized by groovy bass lines and rhythmic synths, able to make anyone who listens to it dance around, unable to sit still. 

With “Get Down“, Gual offers us a sound paste well built on pulsing bass, with syncopated interferences of brass that intertwine with the rest of the arrangement. 

The melodies chosen for the voice are captivating, with calls and responses between the lead and the backing vocals, which, together with the rhythm, continue to move the piece forward. 

“Get Down” is a song that offers a lot of energy, with a multitude of vocal hooks and instrumental colorings. A compelling listening, with which Gual shows all his talent. Something irresistible. Read blog

Daily Music Roll: Artist and Producer Gual’s New Song ‘Get Down’ is a Contemporary Scope of Radiant Dance Music 

The characteristics and salient charisma of contemporary electronic dance music have found a new crevice of dynamic modulations through American DJ and producer Gual’s soundscape. His newly released single ‘Get Down’ is a cultural theme of extravaganza in sound sculptures that take the audience on a transcendental journey to the future. With synchronized belts of rhythmic patterns of electronic timbre, its central groove holds the song up in glorious sensuality. His creative legacy started back in the ’80s and over the years of drastic musical evolution, he too has customized his sound expressionism with accuracy to his instinct’s liking. 

Born Guy Gualtieri, Gual’s understanding of production layering synthesized sound modulations, and mixing all led to the natural formulation of ‘Get Down’. A track that justifies his insights and wisdom about the collective electro frenzy bridging the virtuous gap between old-school musical entities and influences and the extant stream of boisterous roundabouts, ‘Get Down’ typifies the magnetic thrall of EDM like no other. He amalgamates the conspicuity of funk house, nu-disco, and EDM to pave the way for an identity to his creative brainchildren. As he continues to spread his transgressive musical fortitude across crowds, parties, and scenes, Gual’s stupendous rise as one of the best mixologists out there although unofficially established, will not take time to reach fulfillment.  Visit Daily Music Roll

Stepkid Reviews: Gual - Get Gown 

Get Down is a new single from the artist/producer known as Gual. The nu-disco synthpop beat blends with charismatic female vocals to create a vibrant dance experience. The tone is bright and infectiously energetic while the lyrics playfully coax the listener to move. This song really captures the authentic disco sound but has enough contemporary flare and top notch production so as to not appear dated or campy. It can fit nicely into an EDM set. The music has a nice bounce to it and the mix makes effective use or harmony and vocal layering to increase the sensation that action is coming from all directions. This is a solid jam. Visit Stepkid


Stereo Stickman Reviews Get Down  

I don’t think it’s a coincidence that there’s only a difference of about 5 seconds between the running time of all 5 of Gual’s single releases. He’s clearly hit on some kind of formula here, and is well up for sharing his infectious beats! 

Starting off with chord voicings that are reminiscent of KC and the Sunshine Band’s Give It Up, Get Downdoesn’t waste any time getting its groove on! Synth chords, 70s disco wah-wah guitar, pulsing, syncopated bass and brass stabs weave in and out of a nice, tight arrangement that is satisfying and yet doesn’t just tick the boxes.  Read more at