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MarketWatch Review: American DJ and producer Gual releases upbeat cover track "Boogie Oogie Oogie", a mix of funky house and EDM 

The definition of music is different for each listener. For some it is an expression of feelings, for others it reduces stress and gives mental peace but for the American DJ and electronic music producer Gual, music is to entertain. People listen to music to elevate their mood and just enjoy it without any other thoughts or feelings.  With the same thought in mind, Gual has released his latest track “Boogie Oogie Oogie”, an upbeat dance number perfectly fusing the elements of funk and EDM. 

Gual, whose full…

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I would usually be the first person to say, ‘don’t touch a classic’ but in this case I am forced to clarify and amend that statement. A Taste Of Honey released ‘Boogie Oogie Oogie’ in the summer of 1978 and it became an instant hit and one of the most memorable songs of the era. Dj Gual has touched a classic but he really has the Midas touch. He stays true to the groove of the song and gets authentic and superb vocal assistance by the very talented Cheshy. She is able to sing effortlessly and unhindered…

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Every single person out there who loves to dance absolutely needs to hear artist/producer Gual’s new single “Hmmm (Think About It).” Gual is a Florida-based performer with a wide-ranging and highly contagious style that pulls from funk, EDM, disco, and hip hop. Brand new for 2020, “Hmmm (Think About It)” will grab you by the soul and pull you onto the dancefloor so quickly that no other possible action can even be considered. The bassline and drums groove hard and are undeniably funky. Gual’s rapped lyrics…

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Dancing About Architecture Music Review: Hmmm (Think About It) – Gual (reviewed by Dave Franklin) 

Imagine if you took all the fun bits of music and moulded them into a single song. Imagine funky grooves being woven around solid clubland beats. Imagine infectious rhythms driving soulful vibes. Imagine immediate and accessible lyrics blending around cool background harmonies. Imagine pop music taken to its ultimate form…all killer, no filler. Well, thanks to Gual’s latest release, you don’t have to imagine, you just have to listen. 

That might seem like a bold statement, but Hmmm (Think About It) is a…

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Glitter & Stilettos Music Review: GUAL HMMM (THINK ABOUT IT) MUSIC RELEASE 

DJ and Music Producer Gual just released a fun dance mix titled, “Hmmm (Think About It)”. The production energizers fans with uplifting music elements, catchy harmonies and bright ambiance. Opening up with dance-worthy piano melodies, “Hmmm” sets the tone instantly, getting listeners ready for an unforgettable experience. Reminiscent to the popular club music of the 90s and early 2000s, “Hmmm” brings the quintessential party vibe with a global appeal. 

Gual introduces fans to a seamlessly produced mix that…

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Gual Drops The Exhilarating “Get Down” 

“Get Down” has more energy than Exxon! 

Gual is a veteran artist/producer that loves to capitalize on high levels of energy whenever he makes music. In “Get Down,” the Miami native’s latest single, he shines by gifting us with music that is vibrant, groovy, and disco-crazy! 

I truly believe it is impossible to not like “Get Down.” For starters, the track features an instrumental that electrifies the mind, body and soul through nifty bass lines and infectious percussion synths. Over the instrumental I just…

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Soundlooks Review: Gual – “Get Down” – a retro-wave 80’s groove that is total wonderfulness! 

...This is an excellent electronic dance track album from Gual. Fat synths, smooth syrupy and soulful vocals, and thick funky basslines make this track a must have for anyone who appreciates any disco or dance music. The whole track has a hard-to-describe 80’s nostalgic-yet-futuristic feel. 

No, seriously, a lot of people rate things 5-stars but this is genuinely a 5-star single... Read more.

Music Trails Reviews Gual - "Get Down" 

Artist and EDM producer, Gual, brings the party with him everywhere he goes with his latest uplifting track, “Get Down.” 

“Get Down” doesn’t waste any time getting the beats out to the listener. As soon as it starts, you know what to expect from this EDM producer as his high-tempo beats and perfectly hitting drops appear on the track. The mesmerizing female vocals in the start and quick moving, sassy beat make this a must-listen. 

After getting a start at the age of 10 by experimenting with different…

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