"It's Like That"

Release Date: 24 May 2019

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It's Like That by Gual

Gual Releases New EDM Single “It’s Like That”

 MIAMI, FL (May 24, 2019) - Jesta from South Florida/legendary DJ/producer Gual has done it again, mixing his signature Funky House sound with whatever madman inspiration possesses him, to create his newest single “It’s Like That.” His latest cut starts off riding on the core of rhythmic EDM synth hooks and a sprinkle of 80s Retro-Funk sound, at which point your head will be pigeon-bobbing to the beat. Gual then throws in a dash of boogie horn arrangement, and you suddenly find yourself shaking your booty and wishing you had left your platform shoes off the dance-floor! Then a quick blast-off into hyper-drive with the addition of some Nu Disco guitar effects, and feet be damned – it’s an all-out party & time to get your dance on! For all the fresh, funky and eclectic layering & sampling in the new hit single, the song is undeniably Gual in its unabashed and infectious joy, odd-yet-mainstream rhythm & unrelenting beat that is impossible not to groove to!

Gual’s latest single “It’s Like That” is set to burn up the clubs and climb up the charts! Available everywhere online - get ready to get your Funk-on & take a sonic trip into a wild combination of sound & style with Gual in 2019!

DJ Gual

Get To Know Gual

Gual is an American DJ / Producer (a.k.a. electronic file jockey) with a funky electronic sound.  With a growing catalog of tunes available online for all to hear, Gual’s unique mix of throwback sounds & modern-day approach have an undeniably widespread appeal through the blend of sincere melodies and flashy Electro structures designed to move the mind, body, & soul as one.  His live sets are endlessly inspired, because they’re a true reflection of the artist he’s become; every day he gets to perform for the party goers out there is another chance to win over a crowd with stunning sounds they’ll never forget.  Gual continues to bring the party straight to the people where it belongs to this very day – and you’re invited to fully join in on the fun & excitement as he surges through the new year & beyond.

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