Release Date: 19 July 2019

Gual - Feel Good

Feel Good by Gual is set to Electrify the Nu-Disco Community this Summer

Miami, FL. (July 03, 2019) - "Feel Good", Gual’s latest Nu-Disco dance track is set for worldwide release on July 19th with Miami Dance Records” – and available on major online music platforms like Spotify, Amazon, and Apple Music. Gual’s desire to produce records that electrify the Funky House and Nu-Disco communities is again fulfilled in this track which demonstrates his most sophisticated and unexpected work yet.

"Feel Good" is an evolution of soulful vocals that come with a range of funky sounding rhythms and surprises in mid-tempo. His production style, from creating beats and layering vocals to working in a more traditional EDM sense, unites his inspiration to play music like the dance music legends.  These are the broad range of influences that support making "Feel Good" such an electrifying record.  In a brilliant close to make this hard-hitting bass-heavy track, Gual fuses the world of EDM into a mind-blowing musical masterpiece, enchanting old school funk with EDM. The track also highlights another important element of Gual’s mission too – win over the hearts of his fans and equally the ears and minds of others.

"Feel Good” is therefore not only an extraordinary funky electro soundtrack but one that proves Gual is right at the top of his game. From the willingness to take genre-bending and poppy streaks to the next level, to join forces with the audiences during performances and to experimenting with his own sounds, this track is the work of a true, modern-day music icon.

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