AEIOU by Gual


Using an old school approach with new school sounds "AEIOU" is a happy sounding Nu-Disco dance track based on a melodic chopped vocal.  In this track Gual layers the vocals in counterpoint while driving it with high-energy rhythm guitar, head-bobbin' clav, and a funky bass riff that will surely make you feel like dancing. There are no words or lyrics, only vowel-like sounds (hence the title) that can be vocalized in the native tongue of any international listener, inebriated college student, or articulate 2-year-old. Use the links below to add it to your favorite playlist and don't forget to follow Gual as more dance tracks and remixes are coming soon.

Check Out The Music Video with Some Crazy Vaudeville Footage

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Get to know Gual

A connoisseur of dance music, Gual is an American DJ / Producer (a.k.a. electronic file jockey) with a funky electronic sound.  With a growing catalog of tunes available online for all to hear, Gual’s unique mix of throwback sounds & modern-day approach have an undeniably widespread appeal through the blend of sincere melodies and flashy Electro structures designed to move the mind, body, & soul as one.  His live sets are endlessly inspired, because they’re a true reflection of the artist he’s become; every day he gets to perform for the party goers out there is another chance to win over a crowd with stunning sounds they’ll never forget.  Gual continues to bring the party straight to the people where it belongs to this very day – and you’re invited to fully join in on the fun & excitement as he surges through the new year & beyond.

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