DJ Gual


Back in the 80’s, a young boy with big dreams of being a rock-star one day, began to take professional lessons on his brand-new Univox Hi-Flyer guitar for the very first time.  Quickly discovering his passion & connection to music, he practiced & played relentlessly as he grew up, eventually joining a band called Fly By Night as he began to find his way into the local scene.  As his abilities & technical skills continued to develop, throughout high-school & college he’d go on to be in & out of several different bands before making an important move to South Florida to join a couple alt-rock bar-bands, The Uninvited & Numb. 

What ended up being the most important part of that decision wasn’t the bands he’d eventually join – it was the music that he found.  And it wasn’t the music that was found in the bands he was playing with – it was the sounds he was finding on his own and the new signature style he was creating in his own spare time.  The purchase of a Korg M1 literally changed the course of his entire existence; he began to express himself in all kinds of vibrant new ways that challenged himself as an artist while providing stunning Electro-based audio-entertainment that could be enjoyed by all.   He became Gual.  He had always been Gual of course – but for the very first time, he’d truly found his real identity in music.  He recreated himself as an artist, he refocused his goals – & set forth to conquer the dance-floors & charts. 

Taking his new sound & skills straight to the stage, Gual spent his nights performing and thrilling crowds all throughout the South of Florida.  For over a decade, he’s become an essential part of the Electro circuit and an undeniable resource of wild entertainment from the lefts to the rights.  Possessing an ability like no other to read the audience in front of him and adapt his set in real-time to bring out the maximum potential in any party – Gual’s deep understanding of production, layering, mixing, & how to innovate the Electro genre through his own insightful perspective on the experience of sound have led him to countless events & nights at the clubs spent spinning highlight after highlight from the DJ booths. 

With a growing catalog of tunes available online for all to hear, Gual’s unique mix of throwback sounds & modern-day approach have an undeniably widespread appeal through the blend of sincere melodies and flashy Electro structures designed to move the mind, body, & soul as one.  His live sets are endlessly inspired, because they’re a true reflection of the artist he’s become; every day he gets to perform for the party goers out there is another chance to win over a crowd with stunning sounds they’ll never forget.  Gual continues to bring the party straight to the people where it belongs to this very day – and you’re invited to fully join in on the fun & excitement as he surges through the new year & beyond.